Top 16 Most Famous Painters In The World?

Most Famous Painters In The World

As the years pass on the person who stunned the world with his painting art is the only one who is titled The Legendary Painter or Most Famous Painter in the world. Out of many, you may have heard about a few in this 2022 but many great painters have given the art of painting a new definition with their painting skills. From the 13th century to now 21st century some famous painters’ paintings are still available in museums around the world. But sometimes questions arise in the mind of art lovers about how one can choose which artist is more famous and renowned than others.

We will say that the best artist is the person who with his dedication to arts has influenced people or generations of every century. But everyone doesn’t understand what exactly art is? and what message has the artist given in its paintings? It takes years of practice for an artist to make a masterpiece that will be remembered for years. Today we will introduce you to some most iconic painters of all time from history to the current era of the world of paintings who has made art lovers crazy with their paintings, so keep reading to find out their names?

Top 16 Most Famous Painters In The World :

In the world of art, there are many famous painters whose work has been celebrated and appreciated for centuries. This list includes some of the most well-known and iconic artists in history, who have made an unforgettable mark on the art world. Whether their paintings are renowned for their technical skill, their expressive power, or their historical significance, these painters continue to inspire new generations of artists and audiences alike. So sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about some of the most famous painters in the world!

Leonardo Da Vinci (born on 15th April 1452, died on 2nd May 1519) :

If an art lover has not heard about Leonardo Da Vinci then he is not a true art lover. The man who was born in the 15th century and died in the 16th century was a great Italian Polymath and was an expert in solving complex problems. He has been named of the most iconic painters of all time. Not only this, he has influenced art by making the designs of automobiles, aircraft, and tanks that were 5 centuries ahead of the century he lived. Leonardo Da Vinci remained successful in delivering paintings with different compositions and thoughts.

Leonardo Da Vinci Famous Paintings :

This Italian Polymath has given the world paintings like The Virgin And Child with Saint Anne, Mona Lisa, Lady with an Ermine, and many more.

The Virgin And Child with Saint Anne

Source : wikimedia

Monalisa By Leonardo Vinci

Source : wikipedia

Lady with an Ermine By Leonardo Vinci

Source : wikipedia

M.F. Husain (born on 17th September 1915, died on 9th June 2011) :

The other Iconic name that has come from the land of different languages and religions called India is the name of sir Maqbool Fida Husain a.k.a MF Husain. He was famous for his bold and vibrant paintings that are usually designed in a Cubist style. His artistic talent has helped him in decorating his Award showcase with an International Biennale Award that he received in 1959 in Tokyo. Husain’s knowledge and creative mind have not only given the world the most influential art pieces of art but have also given a Bombay Progressive Artist Group that he founded early in the 50s.

M.F. Husain Famous Paintings :

black-hill painting by M.F. Husain

Black Hill (

british-raj painting by MF Husain (1)

British Raj (

british-raj painting by MF Husain (1)

Self Portrait Of M.F. Husain (

Grant Wood (born on February 13, 1891, died on February 12, 1942) :

The most creative artist from America Mr. Grant Wood has given the world an appraisable piece of art that he completed in 1930 and titled American Gothic. Being an American Painter he travelled to Europe four times in his life to learn Impressionism and Post Impressionism painting styles. Across the painting museums of America, you will find paintings of Grant Wood such as The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Daughter of Revolution at Cincinnati Art Museum, Parson Weems at Amon Carter Museum, and many other Museum. In 2009 years after his death Wood was awarded the biggest honour that is given to American citizens The Iowa Prize. Still today many people think that his well-known painting American Gothic portrays a husband and wife but in reality, it has painted with the idea of presenting a daughter and father in a different way.

Grant Wood Famous Paintings :

American_Gothic By Grant Wood

American Gothic (

American_Gothic By Grant Wood

Young Corn (

Grant wood Self Portrait

Self Portrait (Wikipedia)

Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) (born b/w 1488-90, died on 27th August 1576) :

Tiziano was the Italian best artist of all time from the Renaissance period. Among many, his famous painting was Venus with Organist and Little Dog. In his every painting, you will recognize one common thing that he uses to portray a nude lady in every painting that conveys some message that only an art lover can understand. He showed the world the next level of art through his most influential art pieces based on mythological and religious subjects. During his final years of life, this famous artist only worked for Philip II and portrayed a series of large mythological paintings that are famous with the name “Poesie”.

Titian Famous Paintings :

Venus with Organist and Little Dog

Venus with Organist and Little Dog (

Venus Of Urbino

Venus Of Urbino (wikipedia)

Sacred and Profane Love By Titian

Sacred and Profane Love (Wikipedia)

Georges Braque (born on 13th May 1882, died on 31st August 1963) :

This renowned painter has made some notable contributions to the history of paintings. Georges Braque’s expertise was in Fauvism and has also played a major role in promoting and contributing to the growth of Cubism. His defined work was so precious and priceless that some of its’ paintings got stolen from the Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Museum.) All the paintings that got stolen on 20th May 2010 were valued at more than $123 million USD. His skills have made it easy for him to switch from the Fauvism style of painting to Cubism. Some of his notable and iconic paintings are The Viaduct at L’ Estaque, Plate and Fruit Dish, Pitcher and Violin, Femme tenant un Mandoline, Violin, Candlestick, and many others.

Georges Braque Paintings :

The Viaduct at L’ Estaque

The Viaduct at L’ Estaque (wikipedia)

Plate and Fruit Dish

Plate and Fruit Dish (wikipedia)

Pitcher and Violin

Pitcher and Violin (

Roy Lichtenstein (Birth : 27-10-1923, Death: 29-09-1997) :

Roy was a famous artist for his artistic style of painting called Pop art. He was famous as a pop artist because he used his pop art style and made many old paintings look fresh. He re-painted a fresh piece of Van Gogh’s Bedroom In Arles (1888) painting and named it Lichtenstein’s Bedroom at Arles (1992.) Through his painting style he has made many valuable compositions that express humour. Every art that he designed was influenced by a style equal to comic books. One of his paintings called Masterpiece was sold for $165 million USD back in January 2017.

Roy Lichtenstein Paintings :

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein (wikipedia)

Happy Tears

Happy Tears (wikipedia)

Crying Girl

Crying Girl (Wikipedia)

Rene Magritte (born on: 21-11-1898, died on : 15-08-1967)

When there is a talk of great painters then how can we forget to talk about Rene Magritte. He was well known for his Surrealist paintings. His every Surreal painting spoke of more bizarre concepts that always unwrap some comedy, mystery, and horror fantasies.

Every painting that he has given to the world has involved a concept of characterization of symbols in a strange situation. His every artwork has remained eminent and legendary among other artists as every painting of his is mind-blowing. Out of his famous paintings, some are Time Transfixed, The Discover of Fire, Memory of Journey, and more.

Rene Magritte Paintings :


Memory Of A Journey (

The Discover of Fire

The Discover of Fire (wikipedia)

Time Transfixed By Renne

Time Transfixed (Wikipedia)

El Greco (born on 1-10-1541, died on 7-04-1614)

El Greco was not a real name of this Spanish  artist. He was having Greek ancestry and his real name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos. In 1570 when he moved to Rome and stayed in Italy he developed the style of Mannerism and also include elements of the Venetian Renaissance in his every notable work. It is said that El Greco have given the world Cubism and Expressionism style of painting.

Some of his iconic paintings famous worldwide are The Adoration of the Magi, The Dormition of the Virgin, and The Assumption of the Virgin. The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and some others.

El Greco Paintings :

The Assumption of the Virgin

The Assumption of the Virgin (wikipedia)

The Dormition of the Virgin

The Dormition of the Virgin (wikipedia)

The Adoration of the Magi

The Adoration of the Magi (Wikipedia)

Caravaggio (born on : 29-09-1571, died on : 18-07-1610)

Caravaggio’s full name was Michelangelo Merisi and he lost his life at the very young age of 38 only. To become an artist he was trained in Milan. He use chiaroscuro along with his close physical observation in his paintings that later become popular as tenebrism.

He developed his name as an artist and was one of the most capable painters of his generation in Italy. His artwork has been defined by an expert as an outcome of great observation of the human state either physically or mentally. Experts stated that in every painting expressing human behaviour he has used dramatic lighting that has directly influenced the paintings developed with the Baroque technique. Some of his perfect & most influential art pieces are Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy, The Lute Player, The Calling of Saint Matthew, Narcissus at the Source, and others.

Caravaggio Paintings :

Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy By Caravaggio

Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy (wikipedia)

The Lute Player By Caravaggio

The Lute Player (wikipedia)

The Calling Of Saint Matthew

The Calling Of Saint Matthew (Wikipedia)

Amrita Sher-Gil (born on 30-01-1913, died on 5-12-1941)

Another most creative artist that said goodbye to the world at a very young age and remained remembered in the world with her modern Indian art is Amrita Sher-Gil. Amrita was born in Hungary. Her every painting is considered the most expensive painting ever painted by Indian Women in the current era. She was professional in oil paintings in which she embedded scenes from the everyday lives of people around her. She observed the life of people by traveling in countries like FranceTurkey, and India.

Some of her famous paintings include names are Bride’s Toilet, Hungarian Gypsy Girl Young Girls, Sleep, and some other famous paintings.

Amrita Sher-Gil Paintings :

Hungarian Gypsy Girl Young Girls

Hungarian Gypsy Girl Young Girls (wikipedia)

Bride’s Toilet

Bride’s Toilet (wikipedia)

Dressing The Bride

Dressing The Bride (Wikipedia)

Pablo Picasso (born on 25-10-1881, died on : 08-04-1973)

Pablo Picasso is probably one of the most popular artists in the world, Even a non-art lover may have heard his name once in his life. His name has remained on the top of the list of western art history. Throughout his life, he practiced different techniques of painting and has gifted the world more than 20000 perfect canvases of art including prints, ceramics, and costumes.

He didn’t spend his life just practicing different skills but also proved to the world that every classical art can be exploited to create another masterpiece in a fresh and different style. He co-founded the cubism style of painting while working with Georges Barque and influenced many artists during his life. He has given the world some unforgettable paintings like Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Guernica.

Pablo Picasso Paintings :

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (wikipedia)


Guernica (wikipedia)

Girl Before A Mirror

Girl Before A Mirror (Wikipedia)

Gustav Klimt (born on: 14-07-1862, died on : 06-02-1918)

The painter whose skills provided him the honour to be a member of the Vienne Art Nouveau movement was Mr. Gustav Klimt. Every painting of Gustav includes abstract artworks, portraits, landscapes, and allegories. In his different paintings, his main subject was women’s bodies. Among his Symbolism, Vienna Secession, and Art Nouveau figurative work he was highly influenced by the Japanese art style and its techniques. 

The Kiss, Judith II, Adele Bloch-Bauer, Farm Garden with Sunflowers, and Stiller Weiher are some of Gustav Klimt’s remarkable works that have influenced many painters while he was working.

Gustav Klimt Paintings :

The-Kiss BY Gustav Klimt

The Kiss (

Adele Bloch-Bauer

Adele Bloch-Bauer (wikipedia)

Farm Garden With Sunflowers

 Farm Garden With Sunflowers (Wikipedia)

Edward Hopper (born on July 22, 1882, died on May 15, 1967)

Edward was not only a great painter but also a popular  printmaker in etching. This American painter remained famous at every painting exhibition for his oil paintings. Eventually, he also got honored to make some etchings that remained commercially successful. Through his paintings, he portrayed everyday scenes from Urban areas that replicate the familiar places in a different way. Automat, Chop Suey, Office in a Small City, and Nightwalls are some of his paintings that made a mark in the minds of art lovers. 

Edward Hopper Paintings :


Automat (wikipedia)

Chop Suey

Chop Suey (wikipedia)

Night Walls

 Night Walls (Wikipedia)

Jean-Michel Basquiat (born on 22-12-1960, died on 12-08-1988)

Another experience artist whose name has been added by us to our list is Jean-Michael Basquiat. He is an American professional painter who rose to prominence under the Neo-Expressionism movement. Before getting famous as a painter he got fame by writing enigmatic epigrams alongside Al Diaz. During his time writing Epigrams he got connected with rap, hip-hop music, punk, and street art. During the early ’80s, his paintings were exhibited internationally at different famous museums and galleries worldwide. At the age of 22, he got appreciation as the youngest artist to celebrate his place at the Whitney Biennial exhibition.

Every time he has followed the street and Graffiti style of painting in his every portrayal. Even after years of his death his talent is recognized and praised by the world as his one untitled artwork a black skull with red yellow rivulets was sold at prize money of $110.5 million USD.

Jean-Michel Basquiat Paintings :

Jean-Michel Basquiat Paintings

Source (wikipedia)

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Source (wikipedia)


 Source (Wikipedia)

Michelangelo (born on: 06-03-1475, died in 1564)

Some people say it seems like they have heard the name of Michelangelo. But we are pretty sure that they may have never heard about how popular he was as a painter, architect, and sculptor in the High Renaissance. He has followed humanism and naturalism in his relations to make paintings. The Statue of David is one of the masterpieces completed by David in 1504 representing himself as a great sculptor. It took 4 years for Michelangelo to complete the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Some of his unforgettable paintings are The Creation of Adam, The Libyan Sibyl, The First Day of Creation, and some more.

Michelangelo Paintings :

The First Day of Creation

The First Day of Creation (wikipedia)

The Libyan Sibyl

The Libyan Sibyl (wikipedia)

The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam (Wikipedia)

Yayoi Kusama (born on : 22-03-1929)

Yayoi Kusama is one of the famous female Japanese contemporary artists of the 21st century Throughout her life, she has followed minimalism, feminist art, environmental art, and pop art technique in her paintings. She learned the Nihonga Japanese style of painting at a very young age. A glance of her talent can be seen in her works like An Infinity Room Installation, Ascension of Pola Dots on the Trees of the Singapore Biennale, Narcissus Garden, and many more.


Yayoi Kusama Paintings :

Ascension of Pola Dots on the Trees

Ascension of Pola Dots on the Trees (wikipedia)


Pumpkin (wikipedia)

Star Of Universe

Star Of Universe (Wikipedia)


Question : Who is the best painter in the world today?

Answer : If we talk about the best work of any artist in the current era then Gerhard Richter adds his name to the top of the list of the best painter in the world for his Contemporary art skills. He is currently living in Germany.


Question : Who painted the most realistic portraits?

Answer : Artist Leng Jun adds his name to be the most realistic painter across the globe. He is From China. In his career, he has created a series of oil paintings and it will be inevitable to compare his works to actual photographs. Because it is impossible to tell difference between his paintings whether they are camera photos or handmade paintings.


Question : Who is Franco Clun?

Answer :  Mr. Franco Clun is an expert contemporary artist from Italy famous for his hyper-realistic portraits. He uses to draw his every painting with a single pencil on watercolour paper.


Question : Who painted Sistine Madonna?

Answer : Italian painter Raffaello Santi a.k.a Raphel painted the famous painting Sistine Madonna. It was the last out of many Madonnas paintings painted by Raphel. This epic painting was made for Church San Sisto, Piacenza in 1512.


Question : Who is the artist for the most expensive artwork ever sold while that artist was still alive?

Answer : Many artists have added their names to the list of most expensive artwork of them ever sold. But American artist Jasper John (91) still remains on the top in 2022. His painting title Flag was sold in 2010 during a private auction for $110 USD which is now equal to $137 million USD in 2022.


Question : Who was the first famous female painter?

Answer : The first female painter who rose to fame was Artemisia Gentileschi from Italy. She was a Baroque painting style follower. She was popular during her life period of 63 years between 1593 and 1656.

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