Below listed are some of the guidelines you must follow, before clicking pictures. If unable to do so, don’t panic. Our team members are there for you. They check the orders and photos as and when they are received. You will be informed accordingly within an hour or two, if not as per our requirement.

  • It will be good if you take close up photos.
  • Avoid using flash. Click the pic in natural daylight.
  • Make sure that your pet sits properly or stays still.
  • The blurry look makes the picture unpreferable. The high resolution helps us to add every minute detail and we give you the best portrait ever.
  • Don’t use any filters. Let them look natural.
  • See that the long floppy ears fit into the frame and are not cropped or out of the frame.
  • It doesn’t like we need professional pictures, phone pictures are good enough.

Example Of Good Pictures

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