Selecting the appropriate size of the painting is necessary so that it looks perfect on your wall. Here is the list of sizes, go for the one as per your convenience:

  • 12″x12″: If you prefer a single character, this size is best. You can use it for tabletops or if you like something small.
  • 12″x16″: This size is suitable for two characters and can be used in Transition Spaces. You can consider it for gift purposes.
  • 16″x20″: This size provides space for three characters and is ideal for compilation portraits.
  • 18″x24″: For four characters you can go for this size. Best to use when it comes to compilation portraits.
  • 20”x30”: This size is meant for five characters and best serves the purpose of family portraits.
  • 24″x36″: This size is for six to seven characters. It looks amazing in the bedroom and living area.
  • 30”x40”: This size is for seven to nine characters that can accommodate your whole family in a single frame.
  • 36”x48”: This one is big in size and can easily place ten characters.
  • 48”x72”: This size also provides space for 10 characters and is suggested when your wall has enough space and demands a large painting.

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